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Mt Austin High School – Food Technology Refurbishment

Project Case Study 06

Location: Tolland, NSW

  • Category:
    Commercial / Construction
  • Industry:
  • Job/Service:
    Airconditioning & Refrigeration

Joss Facility Management (Joss FM) provide a wide range of Government and Private sector clients a variety of Facility Management services.

The project objectives are to refurbish the existing Food Technology facilities to provide a suitable and modernised facility and comply with the food safety standards.

  • Disconnect and make safe of all electrical equipment was required.
  • Provide site with Temp power.
  • As per scope all existing circuits were to be used where possible.
  • Additional stove’s were added and extra power circuits also required to meet clients requirements.
  • Installation and supply of surface mount LED panel lights and switching as per specifications..
  • Installation and supply of lighting feed and controls to range hoods.
  • Installation of Extraction Fan VSD, electrical supply and controls were installed and programed.
  • Installation and supply of exit light fittings.
  • Installation and supply of external hot water power supplies.
  • Upgrade all existing circuits used to RCD circuit breaker protection.
  • Installation and supply of all new circuits with RCD circuit breaker protection.
  • Relocation of 3 x existing wall mount reverse cycle units.
  • Installation and supply of 1 x new wall mount reverse cycle unit.
  • Relocation of existing Data.
  • Relocating of existing security motion sensors.
  • Testing and labeling of all new installation and equipment.

End result was a modern and fully functional food tech space being created however the new refurbishment still allows both rooms to be used as a classroom.